Friday, January 1, 2016

Share With Me!

Imagine a world where journaling is popular and is a tool used to achieve inner peace, self-discovery and to encourage embracing peace on Earth! So, click here and share your stories and the joy of journaling,with me and others! 


  1. A Magic Of Journaling Story…Recently in a Journaling For Joy Circle with Joyce, she asked: Why Journal? So I wrote "Why Journal?" on a fresh page in my journal and this is what flowed out of me and my pen. I write to remember. As I have said many times, you will not remember most of what happens in your life and without writing it down, it will be lost. Forever. Writing it down, though, will preserve and keep it for you, and possibly future generations. It may seem silly, but it really isn't. I write like my life depends on it, because it does. Just as exercise is a stress reliever, so is journaling. Getting it out -- the good, the bad, and the ugly -- is powerful. And being able to go back and 'look up' something from a long ago period of your life is invaluable. As convenient as email and texting is, I fear something has been lost and that loss is 'real writing.' Think about how nice it is to get a 'real' letter by regular mail and then multiply that by a million - to me, that's how much journaling is truly worth. Just do it, every day."

    P.S. I am still getting up the nerve to ask Lilly a question. So far, she just looks at me from her perch beside my bed. Hugs, Tamerie


  2. A note from Joyce-FYI: Lilly is the puppet I encouraged Tamerie to buy when we had a Dream Circle and I introduced the idea of getting puppets to help “express” ourselves. (From my book. Live Your Dream~ Chapter 3: Visualize the Child in You.) When I asked her if I could share this she said, yes…then added, please also say: Tamerie writes to bring joy and peace into her own life and is a professional seamstress, making beautiful things for her client’s homes to bring joy and peace into their lives. You can visit her at