Why Journal?


Why Journal?*

Why journal?  To find the missing pieces; say the unsaid; understand your life process; reach into the hidden recesses of your self; achieve clarity, direction, and certainty in your life; move forward out of chaos and confusion into focus and balance.  Keeping a journal will reveal the patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in your professional and personal life.  Why journal?  To do what makes your heart sing!

Some of the many important results you can achieve through journaling:

    To know who you are
    To turn problems into opportunities, gifts
    To learn to trust yourself as your own counselor
    To release feelings, turmoil, stress
    To access information from your subconscious mind
    To find answers to what seems to be unanswerable
    To capture the teachings of your past
    To record experiences and thoughts you want to keep and remember
    To awaken the writer's voice within you
    To communicate with others when talking is difficult or impossible
    To integrate what you are learning from a class, lecture, or life situation
    To know yourself as a spiritual being
    To heal the past
    To live from being awake and aware of the present
    To create the future by conscious choice
    To understand the connection between thought and health
    To understand your "partners" in life
    To discover your life purpose
    To develop a step-by-step plan to reach your goals and dreams

* Excerpt from Journaling For Joy (Copyright © 1991 by Joyce Chapman)