Friday, January 1, 2016

Share With Me!

Imagine a world where journaling is popular and is a tool used to achieve inner peace, self-discovery and to encourage embracing peace on Earth! So, click here and share your stories and the joy of journaling,with me and others! 

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Within each of us is a story to be told, a story to be shared, if only with ourselves. It is a story as old as time and as new as you. By looking inward we are better able to look outward and understand the world we have created for ourselves and the life we live within that world. Journaling is a deeply personal practice and one which if done effectively can enhance both one's life and relationships.

Like any new craft, there is always trepidation in taking the first step. And that is good. If one enters into new modes lightly the end result will have little substance. It is when we set foot into a new exercise, habit or practice with thought, contemplation and dedication that we discover and reap the true benefits.
Journaling is the vehicle you will drive. You will decide what direction to take your journaling and how far in that direction. It is a powerful vehicle and will allow you to return to your past, let go of old hurts, examine fond memories, remember lost loves and embrace a time now long gone. You may also drive into the future and explore the dreams you have kept hidden so deeply that perhaps even you are not sure where they are. Or you can stay in the present and learn more about yourself by noticing what it is that makes you what you are today, in this moment. Journaling allows you to travel in different directions, all at the same time.

To journal effectively it is best to start with a guide, someone who has already begun the journey and can share techniques that will enhance and assist you as you begin. Using Journaling For Joy: Writing Your Way to Personal Growth and Freedom (both the book and workbook) is an excellent starting point. Many have found all of my books…to be a delightful way to continue exploring and embracing the new found joy in their lives. 

In joy! Joyce